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A Turbo Blower certified with the best technology

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mcb Series Blower

  • Easy maintenance
    Reduction of the maintenance fee
  • Compactness
    Elaborate, and yet compact
  • Convenient
    Convenience of operator’s
    operation and control
  • Energy saving
    Energy saving and energy reduction
  • Low Noise
    Low noise, non-vibratory,
    and maintaining long life
  • Oil Free System
    Oil Free operation, non-vibratory,
    pure air supply

Research Fields

“We are continuously developing our competitiveness through
constant research and development”

  • PMSM

    A permanent magnet synchronous motor
    specialized for high speed rotation,
    saving 20~40% energy compared
    to other company products. Low noise,
    Air Bearing applied.

  • Air bearing

    A non-contact bearing system,
    which utilizes fluid dynamic pressure
    caused automatically between
    the motor rotating at a high speed and the foil,
    is developed with our unique technology.

  • Impeller

    Using a forged aluminum alloy,
    that is suitable for high speed rotations.
    We are testing the structural stability
    of the impeller by doing a spin test
    at a rotation speed of 120% by minimizing
    the tolerance range through shaft machining.

  • mc-works

    Myung-Chi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a TURBO BLOWER manufacturing enterprise established on May of 2003, where research and development, production, and sale is all done together. It has the leading technology on air-bearings, super high speed and high efficiency motors, variable speed inverter devices, low noise facility controls, and more others.

    42, Dongtansandan 2-gil, Hwaseong-si,
    Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
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